Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A responce to a blog about love......

"The Elusive LOVE

SO I ASK MYSELF a much simpler question. What do I love more than anything in the world? Chocolate boy loves chocolate. It's simple, and maybe worthless to many, but it's important to him. Perhaps so much so that he would die for it.

I have said many times that I don't believe in love. It's placing a tangible word on an abstract feeling, an emotion that's far too enigmatic and more elusive than we all seem to think in our worldly motions. I'm no stranger to the over use of the word 'love.' I say I love movies, tv shows, and all sorts of things but I don't really mean it.

I exhaust the word without regard and I should probably pay a little more respect to the notion that all of Humanity has sought to harness since Gaea and Uranus came together and ended the chaos of the universe. Love was their vessel in which they birthed the Titans. How can I use the same word to describe my feelings for Apple Pie with Ice Cream? (It does come close)

Love is a vast concept beyond our small comprehension and human definitions. It is the Ultimate goal in our short lives, and on a tinier scale compared to Gaea and Uranus, it is how we all come to be in this world.

But how do we ever take hold of it if we are so disillusioned?

They say you should do what you love and let the money come.

If love brings happiness, then I don't need money and I don't need to find my calling. Perhaps love is the calling. But how do I know what I love? How do I make Titans of my life?"


Wow, jut wow the way you's like as i read my eyes are skating on ice under the northern lights. You break down of your views on love is very intriguing. But, as a man that believes in the idea of great love i most interject my own opinion. So as to maybe shed some light.

As you must know the greatest invention in the history of man is language. Language is the tool by which we relate objects to sounds. Placing a meaning to them. But, language is also used to relate things of an abstract nature such as love.

It's interesting how you say you are not one that believes in love. Respectfully i would have to disagree. Everything i see in the writing's I've read by you point to a grasp on love so profound...i fear i have no words to relate.

The thing is love is at the same time beyond comprehension akin to creating the Titans. And, at the same time so simple as in the love i have or Films, word, music, and vanilla ice cream. That is the beauty of the abstract feelings, and the word itself. It is deep and shallow, vast and small. I like to think of love or rather the essence of love like the spaces between an atoms. As you may know an atom is a tiny speck so small it's almost an abstract idea, yet the space between two atoms is so vast it's almost unmeasurable.

I shall live you with this. Something a friend once told me. Love isn't an outside abstract feeling that befalls you from time to time. Love is a creation that you choose to generate. So if you do not believe in love, maybe it's just something you're not ready to generate.

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