Saturday, November 15, 2008

About last night

I worked last night and those of you who read this and do not know me I work in retail (shameless plug) H&M. Last night have had the honor of closing, but due to the economic times we ended up leaving early. My buddy Sean came up to meet me so we could get a few drinks. Walked down to old city to hit up this bar Sugar Mom’s (I live in Philadelphia). By the way it’s an Awesome bar.
He’d just broken up with a girl he was see and well was pretty sad about the whole thing. So as a good friend I went into the whole requisite ex girlfriend bashing we as men are obligated to do. We crossed the whole gambit from she’s not that hot, to best way to get over and ex is to get on top of a future ex. None of it worked well not really. We get to Sugar Mom’s and well it pretty typical of a Friday night. It’s packed mostly guys but a few cute girls around. He gets a drink while I check out the scene. I’ve been on this whole kick lately of trying to develop my game with the ladies. I’ve been working on opening girls, charming, and ultimately closing (I.e. fucking). Last night in order to cheer my buddy up I decided I’d work my so called magic and see what’s good. Well long story short her bails and leaves me alone talking to the beautiful women with a big curly afro. She’s got that bohemian vibe and she’s nice. I talk to her and her friend and end up having a great time just talking. I realize that game is really all about honesty and openness. I didn’t fuck either of them in fact the one I liked was married with two kids, but I learned from them. Part of being and attractive guy is being of an attractive mind. Being open positive and inviting. I wasn’t really expecting anything I was open to whatever happen. I just wish my buddy was around to see that everyone wants to be connected.

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