Friday, November 21, 2008

The thing is...

The thing has a very funny way of showing or rather playing it's cards. I imagine that life is a player in a poker game with myself on the other side. It's Vegas maybe or less glam side Atlantic City. The dealer deals we get out cards and the game is on. Who wins really? I guess in the end life does, and we lose. But ultimately isn't the fun of playing the game....actually playing the game? Isn't it all just one big gamble? And when our hand is down we say well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Wrong, it follows us through it all. The bad hands, the cheats, even the wins. I've never really played poker, not much of a gambler i guess. Thing is i know enough of the game to get by, but never enough to truly enjoy the ride. Thus is the story of my life enough to keep my head above water, but never enough to truly swim. So if the waters turn and the winds change and the sea gets to rumbling chances are I'll drown knowing just enough to get by.

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