Monday, November 24, 2008


I wrote a blog a few days ago on what i called a vision blog. I wrote out in somewhat detail what i would like, or what i want in a partner. And to my surprise it hasn't been well received. Some say that it's very superficial only glimpsing the surface of what people (guys) should want in a woman. Maybe it is hell it is. And so what is it is. Why are people so concerned with the surface or rather concerned with my being concerned with the surface. I was told by a friend that if they had created a vision blog they'd put pictures of iconic leaders of the world. But really give me a fucking break. A vision blog is about what you want not what you believe you should want. It's not about what looks good to other people, it's about what make your heart melt. So judge me all you want. Accuse me of being like every other guy, the truth is i am. I have a penis and it grows and gets excited for a beautiful female form. I am a guy and i do not apologize for it. But there is a difference in me though. Most guys don't believe beauty and brains, and heart can come in one divine human being. I on the other hand do. I can have it all, i want it all, and i choose it all. So if you don't like it tough in the end i answer to myself and God. The vision blog stays.

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Pauline said...

You have conviction. I like that.