Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vision Blog part 1: Women/Love

It's about to be 2am and i just had what i believe to be an inspired thought. I have an experiment i wanna try. I bet a lot of you out their in blog world have heard or read something on the secret. A.K.A The law of attraction that basically states that what you focus your energies and thoughts on is what you get in return. A man who speaks and things on wealth gets wealth, conversely a man who speaks and things on dept gets just that. Well I've known about this secret for awhile and i do believe that what so a man thinket so is he. What i haven't done is actively use this method in my life. I sort of have been waiting till I'm ready to really receive before i put it all in practice. So here i am putting the secret to the test.
One of the practices in applying the secret in to create a "Vision Board". I'll create another blog that details what a "vision board" is but for these purposes i will just say it's a focus point in which you focus you creative energies into having the Universe bring you the things you want in your life.
I am taking it one step further by creating as "Vision Blog". For the next 30 or so days i will be posting pictures, videos, and stories of things i love and or want in my life. Things that make me feel good and appreciative of my life. And in turn the Universe will bring these good this to me.
Today I'm starting off with a "Vision Blog" about what i want most love. I love women all of them. I love the way they smell, they way the walk, the looks they give when they like you. I love everything about women. But sadly i don't have a special woman in my life today. So i thought why no make a list of things i want in an ideal mate, and post picture of beautiful women that fit the look i want. Through this i hope to attract this woman into my life. We shall see.
The list
Dark soulful eyes.
Big hair (i.e: long, curly Afro, full raven color).
Thick shapely body.
Full breast.
Perfect taut ass.
Poetic word.
Seeker of Knowledge.
Earth goddess.
Interested in the abstract.
A dancer of hearts.
Free flowing.
Like water.
A vision.
A visionary.
Between 5'3" and 5' 9".
White (Italian, Greek, exotic looking).

That's my list wish me luck.....


Moses and The Convent of the Immaculate Heart said...
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Moses and The Convent of the Immaculate Heart said...

I like that you call this board rackets and strong suites...because this post is both....

and i will give you credit for the fact that some of the material on this board is very human...

but khenn come on!!!!!

"I sort of have been waiting till I'm ready to really receive before i put it all in practice."

that's bullshit(convoluted bullshit)

more like PRETENDING you're not ready...

and its soooo funny how you've already shot yourself in the foot!

and I know you did it on purpose
because of the high level of intelligence you, in a very subtle way show off in other entries!

this blog is obviously a person who is attracting to himself wants!

if the law of attraction does work i imagine you will notice allot of cute covergirls in your hands but instead of skin your hands will be filled with paper or a mouse clicker...maybe they will chat it up with you at a bar....but women are not objects to be wished into the Aston Martin you don't have..the method of thinking in this post is not so much like the boy with the lamp but the man with a monkeys paw....

no wonder you ended up with taken girls you cant have!!

do yourself a favor and drop the doesn't hurt me if you cock block yourself.. nor does it hurt you....or at least that's most likely the lie you tell yourself still trying to win some argument you started when you were a child...

seek the salvation of the immaculate heart my friend!!!!!

fuck prop 8!